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Into Canada

Hello from Beaver Creek, Canada! I’ve got a fast (wired) Internet connection, so I spent half of the morning uploading Alaska pictures, updating the Alaska page, creating a new (Canada) SPOT page, and enjoying good breakfast all the while 🙂 Except the uplink speed of these satellite Internet connections is so slow that I can’t upload the video I took last night from the ride right after the border (1m30sec HD video = 120MB would take more than 1 hr at the slow uplink speed…)

Long shadows in the evening entering Canada on the Alaska Highway

As mentioned in the last post, the light last night was truly spectacular. Apart from a 7km gravel section – they had a road sign “Extremely Dusty Conditions” – it was some of the finest riding I have ever done.

Beware of the dust cloud from passing trucks!

I had to ride slowly and carefully in the gravel and also endure the occasional dusting from a passing truck, but aside from that it was just magic.

View to the West into the Teslin NWR

I almost felt a bit melancholic to leave Alaska already; the weather up here has been very favorable and I truly enjoyed riding in the great state.

Bike at Alaska sign at Canadian border

The Alaska – Canada border is marked by the 141st meridian; it’s a straight line cutting through the boreal forest some 1200km (I believe) all the way up to the Arctic Ocean.

Bike at the US - Canadian border

Check out the entire picture library linked from the Alaska page.

Note also the link to the new Canada SPOT tracking page on the right side of the page.

I better get going – it’s going to be another hot day of riding, no rain since 2 weeks and more heat and sun in the forecast…

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