Wet Greeting in British Columbia

Well, yesterday wasn’t an “easy” day after all – after the first 150m hill right after the Teslin bridge with cold muscles at the start of the ride there were many more hills, for a total of 1600m vertical and 109km. While I dodged most dark rain clouds throughout the day, I got hit hard by rain 15km before Swift River:

Hard rain in BC on the last 15km to Swift River

The day had started very sunny, but also very hilly. Right after the Teslin bridge is a nice overlook:

Bike at Teslin overlook

At one point in the afternoon I was so hot that I went swimming with bike pants and jersey in the Morley River, just like I had earlier in the Yukon between Beaver Creek and Burwash Landing.

Dark clouds created beautiful scenery, with many shades of green, blue and grey. Wouldn’t have been so bad had I not gotten completely wet in the last hour of the ride…

Patches of dark clouds and sunlight over British Columbia forest

Now that I have crossed the Continental Divide I have more favorable Westerly winds and dry forecast, so today’s ride to Watson Lake should be somewhat better…

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