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Washington State – Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Coast

(Quick note: My SPOT tracking should be back on tomorrow, Thursday Aug-27. Also, I updated the US ride page, Washington section and created a photo gallery for Washington.) I just crossed the mighty Columbia River over to Astoria, Oregon. This … Continue reading

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Back to the Road

Short update: After a 2 week vacation with my wife Jill in the Pacific Northwest I am now resuming my bike journey South along the Pacific Coast. We spent time kayaking and hiking on and around Vancouver Island, the San … Continue reading

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Goodbye Canada – Hello United States

After spending the last night in Canada camping under some tall Douglas Fir trees along the Fraser river I needed to ride from Hope to Chilliwack and then to Sumas. One of the two choices on that route is the … Continue reading

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After Clinton there was Hope – Fraser River Canyon

The title of this post is not a democrat-leaning political statement. Rather, yesterday I rode from Clinton in BC down South through the Thompson and then Fraser River canyon all the way to Hope, BC. That’s 240km in 11h and … Continue reading

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Off the beaten path

Yesterday I ventured away from the main highway and took two detours. One upon recommendation of Peter and Diana, who I had met and spent some nice time over dinner with the day before. The other one to find some … Continue reading

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