July 1 to August 1 – a biking month in review

August 3rd, 2009

July was a long and very hot month of bike riding through Alaska and Canada. Here are some additional facts and figures:

July 1st: Prudhoe Bay, AK (70 degree North)
August 1st: Williams Lake, BC (52 degree North)
Distance travelled: 4027km
Time on bike: 220h
Total elevation gain: 42300m
Days riding: 29
Rest Days: 3
Average daily distance: 139km
Average daily ride time: 7.5h
Average daily elevation gain: 1460m
Average speed: 18.3km/h
Top speed: 80.54km/h
Sunny and hot days: 30
Cloudy and rainy days: 2
Longest day: 196km in 10.5h from Whitehorse to Teslin
Shortest day: 70km in 4.5h from Hudson’s Hope to Chetwynd (semi rest day)
Flat tires: 6 (4 near Watson Lake within 24h period)
Total weight of bike: 60kg

Memorable wildlife moments:
– Eagle taking off 10 m overhead (near Summit Lake, BC)
– Grizzly Bear crossing road 100m ahead (near Kluane Lake, YT)
– Bison on the road (South of Watson Lake, YT)
– Black Bear Sow with two cubs (North end of Muncho Lake park, BC)

Other memorable items:
– Lots of very friendly and helpful people along the way
– Great riding in late evenings up North due to long daylight hours
– Good samaritans like Scott Mullin (spare tire) and many others
– Mosquitoes were annoying, but mostly manageable
– Headwind / no wind / tailwind = 20% / 40% / 40% (estimated)
– Hills were harder than I anticipated (made worse due to bike weight)
– Best food: Fast Eddies in Tok, AK – Prime Rib special with all-you-can-eat salad bar 🙂
– Biggest disappointment: Getting to town 5 mins after restaurants close
– Biggest mistake: Not replacing old back tire soon enough
– Could have ended badly: going downhill at 65km/h with truck right behind, when 1″ nail got into back tire…

Memorable weather phenomena:
– full double rainbow on bus ride up Dalton Hwy, AK
– midnight sun in AK the first three nights North of Arctic Circle
– asymmetric sun halo in Brooks Range, AK
– thunderstorms in Brooks Range and at Pine Pass, BC
– record breaking heat in Fairbanks, AK and in Southern BC
– heavy smoke from forest fires near Fairbanks, AK and later South of Williams Lake, BC

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