On to Ojos del Salado

After having to wait out the weekend in Copiapo we now have procured the required permits for Ojos del Salado. We also bought 40l of water as well as a 20l canister for gasoline before heading out into the Atacama desert up to the Laguna Verde, from where we will stage our 3-4 day attempt on Ojos.
We also bought spare batteries for the headlamps and GPS, as well as a detailed mountaineering map of the area. We received detailed instructions from the Aventurismo office here in Copiapo, so now we think we are sufficiently prepared for the Ojos climb.

Tonight I will activate the SPOT tracker (see Ojos tracking page) and send an OK message from the Laguna Verde.

Wish us luck for Ojos del Salado!

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