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In the last couple of months I have been giving several talks and presentations. I received very positive and useful feedback, which allowed me to further refine my materials. I have put together a page with more information about the digital audio-visual media materials as well as the presentation here:

Digital Media and Inspirational Presentations

If you’re interested to hire me for a presentation, feel free to contact me by sending email to

My recumbent finally has a proud new owner: Sean Beresford from California bought this Seiran (manufacturer: and is now the third rider of this particular bike. Each of the previous two owners rode it from Alaska to Patagonia. So it’s up to Sean to perhaps complete the hat-trick! That would make this bike the first recumbent to ride the Panamerican Highway not just twice but three times!

I am continuing with the book project. I had written several chapters and obtained feedback from a few editors. That feedback made me change my approach a bit and I rewrote quite a few chapters. Each time after the presentations I got additional feedback and felt a renewed sense of wonder and excitement about this journey. It is now time to wrap it up and complete the book. Look out for some announcements here in the near future.

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