20,000 km update

June 17, 2010

20,000km final email update from Quito, Ecuador:

Dear family and friends,

After 1 year of cycling some 20,000 km across North, Central and South
America as well as 14 moutain peaks my project is now entering the
final stage with Chimborazo in Ecuador.

It’s been a long ride up from Ushuaia in January through Argentina and
Chile, up onto the altiplano, into Bolivia with its two main
highlights Salar de Uyuni and Lago Titicaca, then on into Peru, with
Cusco no doubt being the most interesting city of my entire trip.

Huascaran, at 6,768m the highest peak in Peru and in the tropics
worldwide, presented another formidable mountaineering challenge early
June. I spent 10 days there to climb both Nevado Pisco (3 days) and
then Huascaran (7 days) expedition style.

After an adventurous combined bike and bus trip through the Caņon del
Pato I got back down to the Pacific and rode through Northern Peru’s
Coastal desert to Trujillo, Northern Peru. As expected, the first days
back down at sealevel after 6 weeks at altitude above 3500m are great.
Riding is fun and you have a lot of extra oxygen breathing the fresh Ocean air.

Now I just arrived after two nights in the bus via Guayaquil to Quito.
Here I’ll meet with Jill for a final 2 week vacation in Ecuador.
First we plan to climb Cotopaxi and then Chimborazo as the Grand Finale
of my project; then we will spend 1 week cruising the Islands of Galapagos.

Fundraising for Doctors Without Borders has made some progress as well
(now at $5061) and I will wrap things up with some fundraising events
when I’m back home.

This will be my final update. You can find all information, incl. my
Blog and photos in the links below. As always, I’d be happy if you
drop me a line. And if things work out, you may well find a copy
of my planned Panamerican Peaks book sometime down the road…

So long and take care!

Your aventurista,