05,000 km update

August 27, 2009

5,000km update email from Astoria, Oregon:

Dear Friends,

yesterday I crossed the 5000 km mark on my bike ride from Alaska to Patagonia; I also crossed the mighty Columbia River (6 km long bridge!) at Astoria, thus moving from Washington State to Oregon State. It sure is a great scenery along the Pacific Coast Highway 101, especially this time of the year, when there is plenty of sunshine and warm summer weather. Additionally, there are virtually unlimited amounts of sweet, juicy blackberries ripe for the picking along the roads, helping to satisfy my perpetually insatiable appetite – nickname “hungry man”…

During the last 2 weeks my wife Jill came out to Seattle for some hiking and kayaking vacation in the Pacific Northwest. It was a wonderful time. We visited Vancouver, Whistler, the BC Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island with Victoria, the San Juan Islands, the Olympic NP and Mt. Rainier NP, and finally back to Seattle. During that time I naturally haven’t provided any updates on my Blog, but resumed yesterday. Keep looking for more frequent updates there going forward.

There are many people you meet on the road during such an adventure. Bikers, hikers, motorcyclists, RV campers, etc. And due to my unconventional recumbent bike plus trailer I frequently get comments about the bike and just about everywhere I stop some conversation starts up. It was good to get those business cards printed about my project, as I’m handing out several of these every day. Sometimes people are so inspired by the trip that they vow to follow it online and contribute to my fundraising for Doctors Without Borders.

Speaking of fundraising: If you already donated, thank you very much. If you have considered contributing to the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) charity, I encourage you to go online and make a donation now! It’s tax-deductible, fast, easy and secure. Plus, you may get your employer to match the contribution. My trip is 100% self-funded, so all your money will go to charity. This is my only solicitation, I will not send another one. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Let me know how things are going back home and how you are doing. I would be happy to receive any emails!

Thanks and Cheers, Thomas.