Digital Audio-Visual Media Materials

My family and friends have been following this adventure from the very beginning, primarily through this Blog, the photos uploaded at Picasa, various emails such as the 5.000, 10.000, 15.000 and 20.000 km updates, the SPOT satellite tracker data, as well as various short, unedited video clips uploaded on YouTube.

After my return I have edited, sorted and filtered these raw materials – more than 10,000 photos and about a 100 video clips. I uploaded selections of the photos to Picasa albums and to the various pages on this site. I also composed about a dozen edited movies (using iMovie 11 on a Mac). These combine live shots and audio with photos and background music to summarize a particular aspect of the journey. These movies are generally very well received by audiences during my live presentations.

From this page you can assess all published Photos (Picasa) as well as Videos (YouTube).