During my journey I have taken mostly photos, but also some video clips. After my return I have composed some short movies, merging snippets of live video and audio with photos and background music. These movies summarize a particular aspect of the journey in few minutes. Click here or on the image below to view the playlists on YouTube directly.

Cycling Playlist:

  • North America – 6 min summary of highlights in North and Central America
  • Bolivia – 3.5 min summary of Bolivia, including Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca
  • Patagonia – 6 min summary of Patagonia, land of wind, glaciers, lakes and rain
  • Argentina – 6 min summary of Argentina, long days of riding the dry Pampa
  • Dalton Highway – 6 min summary of cycling from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks in Alaska
    1. Climbing Playlist:

    2. Aconcagua – 6 min summary of expedition to the highest peak of the Americas
    3. Mt. Logan – 6 min summary of the expedition to Canada’s highest peak
    4. Mt. Whitney – 3.5 min summary of the climb of the U.S. highest peak (lower 48)
    5. Huascaran – 4 min summary of the expedition to Peru’s highest peak
      1. Synopsis:

      2. Panamerican Peaks – 5 min synopsis of cycling, climbing and entire experience
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