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Denali (Mt. McKinley) Mount Logan Mount Whitney Pico Orizaba Volcan Tajumulco El Pital Las Minas Pico Mogoton Cerro Chirripo Vocan Baru Pico Cristobal Colon Volcan Chimborazo Huascaran Nevado Sajama Ojos del Salado Aconcagua
Final Status of Peaks as of July 2010

Final Status of Peaks as of July 2010 (S = Summit, A = Attempt)

The following chart lists all the peaks in metric scale; colors are for North-, Central- and South America.

Elevations of Panamerican Peaks

Elevations of Panamerican Peaks

Here is a chart which reduces the number of peaks down to 14 – leaving out Mt. Whitney (contiguous United States) and Sajama (Bolivia). After all, you can ride from Peru to Chile without having to go through Bolivia, if you follow the Panamericana through the Atacama desert near the coast instead of riding up into the altiplano. (Of course, you’d miss the Salar de Uyuni and the Titicaca Lake.)

Height of 14 Panamerican Peaks

Only looking at it this way did I notice the sine-wave like contour shape. The further North or South, the higher the country high points!

And here is a graphic comparing the 14 Panamerican Peaks with the Seven (Second) Summits:

Comparison of 14 Panamerican Peaks with Seven (Second) Summits (Source: Wikipedia User Cmglee)