El Pital

Elevation: 2730 m (8957 ft)
Location: El Salvador, Chalatenango province, 14 23′ N; 89 7′ W

Distinction: Highest point in El Salvador, easiest summit to reach (minutes from parking lot).

Summit El Pital, El Salvador

Summit El Pital, El Salvador

Photos of El Salvador and Cerro El Pital.

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Summary: This mountain doesn’t really qualify for being climbed, as you can drive up to within a few minutes of the top. There is a nice recreational area near the top where locals come up for camping or to enjoy the fresh mountain air and sweeping views. A radio antenna on the very top as well as a barbed wire marking the border between El Salvador and Honduras are not exactly giving the summit itself an idyllic feel. However, there is a nice concrete marker on the very top which makes for a unique photo op. I climbed both El Pital (El Salvador) and Las Minas (Honduras) on two consecutive days, helping to fit all Central American peaks into a tight schedule prior to Christmas 2009.

The hike is described in the Blog post ‘Summits on El Pital and Las Minas‘.