First Recumbent Test Ride

After several weeks of procuring and fine-tuning the new recumbent bike I finally picked it up from the dealership last Friday. A few parts had to be replaced, including the front disc brake, but now the bike is in pretty good shape.

Today I went for my first real test-ride up North along Jupiter Island to Hobe Sound. Here is a little video-clip after my first hour on the recumbent:

As expected, the position is comfortable, but different from what I’m used to; different muscles are used and so it will take some time to fully get used to the supine seating position. Also for first-time recumbent riders like me it takes time to get used to the rather iffy and nervous handling of the bike, especially when riding with only one hand. Also, slow riding and tight turns require much more attention than on a regular bike – I hope I will still get more used to this.

There are still a few things I will need to tune to get an optimal experience:

  • The gear transmission ratio is too low. At 32km/h (20mph) I’m already using the highest gear, and I can’t spin it faster than about 38km/h. I will have to install a larger chain ring in the front (the old one was worn down a bit already and with a new chain it’s a good time to swap it out anyway.
  • The pedals are still not far enough out so I can’t fully stretch my legs yet. I will need to extend the chain a little more to accommodate that.
  • The bike computer’s position on my right handle bar is only temporary. I can hardly read or operate it; besides it is in jeopardy in case the bike falls on it’s right side. It will probably be best mounted on top of the main frame tube between the legs.
  • There will likely be a couple of other things, but I consider this a promising start.

    I’m also testing some other equipment today, as I’m uploading photos and videos as well as writing this Blog post on my Dell Mini 9 Netbook from Hobe Sound, courtesy to the free wireless Internet of its library which I found using the WiFi Finder on my iPhone … (The library is actually closed on Mondays, but the wireless still works :-)

    Now back on the road for some more training and test miles!

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