Only 2 weeks to go

t – 14 days: With another 180km ride yesterday I achieved 50% of my goal of putting 1000km on the recumbent pre-departure. (Check out a series of videos here.) Things are coming together nicely with the bike now. I’m getting used to the under-seat steering, the super-comfortable seating position and the slow riding uphill. Actually I had wanted to do at least one ride in rainy weather, but there aren’t that many such days in South Florida this time of the year!

Seiran recumbent at Stuart Inlet

Soon this bike will see the waters of the Arctic Ocean and then the Pacific for most of next year!

In between rides I’m browsing other websites’ equipment lists and finalizing my own through various small additions. Soon the packing will begin, working on the impossible job of squeezing everything into two big bags and the bike box…

Also spending time on various logistics, like communication strategy and details. Contacting various magazines to see whether they are interested in this story…

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