Mount Logan expedition pictures

Here is a picture of me standing on the summit of Mount Logan, highest point of Canada at 5959m, June 1, 2009:

On Summit of Mount Logan at 5959m

During one short rest-day in Whitehorse I was able to upload some more photos of our expedition using Picasa (Google). Check here for 31 pictures of the climb.

Cold Evening at Camp 2 (King Col) 4150m

Tomorrow I will hop on the bus to Anchorage to meet up with the Denali Expedition! While I would have liked to spend a few more rest-days in the warm summer weather down here, one thing is for sure: Never in my entire life have I been better acclimatized to altitude than right now: We spent the last 12 nights above 4000m, 7 nights of which near or above 5000m. This will help me on Denali…

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