Next up: Denali

After a 14 hr busride from Whitehorse I arrived in Anchorage late last night. Today we met with the expedition team (9 clients, 3 guides) for some introductions and a gear check. We also made a quick trip to the Anchorage REI store for some last minute climbing gear shopping.

(I also checked to see that my Bob Yak bike trailer and Ortlieb panniers had been shipped and held there; I had ordered them months ago and delivered to this store so as to avoid having to bring them all the way from Florida to Alaska…)

Here are some useful pointers for the Denali expedition:
National Weather Service forecast for the Denali mountain
AAI current news and dispatches page (we are team 6 on Denali from Jun 6-27)
General AAI Blog with mountaineering updates
My SPOT tracking page for the Denali expedition

While I would have liked a few more days to rest and eat – feels like I have lost a couple of pounds on Mount Logan – I am happy to have caught up with the original schedule. I should also bring very good acclimatization, after having slept 12 days above 4000m, 7 of which near or above 5000m. According to the AAI guides, now it’s up to good decision making, taking care of one’s body and a bit of luck. Let’s hope the weather will cooperate and the winds at altitude won’t be too strong.

Wish me luck for Denali!

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