Washington State – Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Coast

(Quick note: My SPOT tracking should be back on tomorrow, Thursday Aug-27. Also, I updated the US ride page, Washington section and created a photo gallery for Washington.)

I just crossed the mighty Columbia River over to Astoria, Oregon. This concludes my ride through Washington State. Here are a few impressions, both from the vacation trip with Jill (Olympic NP) as well as the last three days of riding to and finally along Pacific Coast Highway 101.

Olympic National Park is one of the finest parks in the US – it has so much variety: High mountains with glaciers, remote wilderness and wildlife, temperate rainforest with giant, old-growth trees, and ruggedly beautiful Pacific Coast. It is worth more than one trip, as it’s impossible to really see everything here in just a few days.

After resuming my ride from Bellevue I first need to get over to Seattle. There are many bike paths, so it’s not too bad. Still, riding near downtown Seattle is quite the contrast to the lonely stretches up North in Yukon and Alaska…

Crossing Lake Washington on Bike Path next to I90

From Seattle I take a ferry across Puget Sound to Bermerton. This way I escape the traffic South of Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.

Seattle Skyline as seen from Ferry to Bremerton

Beautiful scenery along the Hood Canal and two memorable stays at the Potlatch State Park and later the Twin Harbor State Park near Westport.

Evening mood in Hood Canal with Olympic NP mountain range in background

One of the many WA State Parks (here at Hood Canal)

Circum-navigating one of the many bays which turn into mud flats at low tide

More fresh Blackberries along the way – oh it’s good to ride in berry season! Finally the Columbia River crossing across the Megler bridge is pretty cool, some 6.5km and a good hill climb, very scenic but also very narrow shoulder…

Riding across the 6.5km long Astoria Megler Bridge

Astoria has charm with all it’s piers and restaurants; also the bridge and the Ocean-going vessels are something you don’t see every day!

At a pier in Astoria

Now I’m looking forward to the Oregon Coast!

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