Peaks and Rides

After combing through all my daily notes I have finally edited all individual pages for the peaks and the country rides of this adventure.

Index of Peaks:

Denali (Mt. McKinley) Mount Logan Mount Whitney Pico Orizaba Volcan Tajumulco El Pital Las Minas Pico Mogoton Cerro Chirripo Vocan Baru Pico Cristobal Colon Volcan Chimborazo Huascaran Nevado Sajama Ojos del Salado Aconcagua
Final Status of Peaks as of July 2010

Final Status of Peaks as of July 2010 (S = Summit, A = Attempt)

Index of Rides:

Alaska Canada United States Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Chile Argentina
Rides through the Countries of the Americas

Rides through the Countries of the Americas

You can also see these details from the two index pages Peaks and Rides.

Furthermore, I have pinpointed all stations during my ride on Google Earth and put screen-shots into the pages for the respective country. This shows the route and daily distances at a high level.

Google Earth is a fascinating tool which allowed me to retrace my own journey in often amazing detail. In particular in North America, where you have street-view with navigable photos and even 3D model displays of some areas (for instance buildings or bridges). This completes my set of pages and posts. Now on to continuing with work on the book about the adventure…

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