Desert Rain in the Baja

In the last four days I covered some 500km South from El Rosario to San Ignacio. Initially it was very hot and dry – just like you’d expect from the Central Baja. My main problem was to stay hydrated during the heat of midday. Last night I reached Guerrero Negro and there were some clouds rolling in from the South.

Sunset in Guerrero Negro

It felt weird to be the only guest at the RV park and restaurant “Mario’s”. At least I didn’t have to wait in line for the much needed shower last night.

My tent is the only guest at the RV park in Guerrero Negro

Today I rode from Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio (145km). The day started overcast, which was a welcome sign since it would keep the temperatures much lower and I wouldn’t need to drink as much fluids. The road starts with a 45km long straight section through the desert, with pretty much nothing to look at for hours!

Desert Road from Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio

At 100km there is a side-road to the volcano of the three virgins – so named because the mountain does look a bit like a sleeping women from the distance. I’m not going there, but I’m surprised at the good quality road they have to this place.

Road to the Volcano of the Three Virgins

I stop at 120km for some coffee and eat my cookies which I had bought in Guerrero Negro. Now it actually starts to rain! Rain in the desert, a rare treat indeed.

Starting to rain in the Baja desert

This is caused by Tropical Storm Olaf which is circulating in the Pacific a few hundred km off shore. It sounds as if Olaf may be here in the Central Baja by tomorrow night, so we can expect more rain! I ride the remaining 20km through light rain.

Wet road and a bit more green next to near San Ignacio

In San Ignacio I ride to the central plaza which has a mission / church. Since it’s raining the campgrounds in town are a mess – usually dusty, now muddy – so I decide to go for a room. Well, that was quite an adventure right there; my old rule, always take a look at the room before you agree and pay the bill. We go through the kitchen and living room across the backyard towards two small shacks in the corner of the property. I can tell from the cob webs that the door to those hadn’t been opened in a while. In one room the lady which shows me the place notices a 3 inch long scorpion on the wall and smashes it with her shoe – nice! I take the other room, which looks somewhat cleaner and feels fresher. I bring my bike and trailer inside to the courtyard, right through the narrow entrance and the kitchen with the little children of the family looking and occasionally touching the bike – an unforgettable moment!

San Ignacio Church

I also find a restaurant and then an Internet place right here on the plaza. The rain continues outside, so it’s good to have a roof over my head for tonight. Let’s see how much rain Tropical Storm Olaf has in store for us tomorrow…

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