Tapachula town and Tajumulco volcano

After arriving yesterday and spending an evening in Tapachula near the Guatemala border I will try to get to San Marcos (across the border) today by bus and then take another bus tomorrow morning to the trailhead of the Tajumulco climb.

I have created a new SPOT tracking page (see Links section) which should reveal my whereabouts for the next two days. Will not bring my laptop or much of anything else. Bike will stay here in Tajumulco. Should be back by Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Quick Update: Back in Tapachula Sunday evening; reached Tajumulco summit on a clear day, very nice hike (3h up, 1.5h summit rest, 1.5h down), but adventurous 4.5h bus return trip down almost 3000m. Check the photos on the PicasaWeb gallery!

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