Success on Aconcagua

We reached the summit of Aconcagua on 6-Mar-10. At 6,962 m Aconcagua is not only the highest point of Argentina, but of all of the Americas and certainly of all Panamerican Peaks. In fact it is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas.

Friend Antoine Labranche and I climbed Aconcagua in a small mini-expedition without guides or porters in 11 days. 2 days later we are now resting in Mendoza, some 6,000 m lower. We are basking in oxygen-rich air, appreciating hot showers, sleeping in clean beds and feasting on juicy Argentinean steaks. In short: We are low again, but definitely high on life!

For more details (photos, videos, SPOT track, detailed daily notes, etc.) see the Aconcagua page.

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