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My old iPhone – keep or recycle?

Over the years we have accumulated several old iPhones and iPods in our household. Today I was collecting those to sell and recycle them at Gazelle, a great service I had once used in the past. One of the old … Continue reading

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

When people learn about my project, they inevitably ask questions involving superlatives: Where was the most beautiful place? What was the hardest part? What was the most dangerous part? etc. I find it hard to pick just one place or … Continue reading

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Is adventure one way of being a kid again?

In today’s Wall Street Journal’s article “In Defense of Being a Kid”, James Bernard Murphy (professor of government at Dartmouth College) looks at the recent debate around childhood discipline and preparation for adulthood. As a father of two teenage children … Continue reading

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On size, strength and value of social networks

It’s my son’s birthday today and he is turning 13 – ah, those teenage years ahead! When I drove him to school this morning he was obsessively checking his email and text messages on his new iPhone. He bragged about … Continue reading

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Experiencing and remembering happiness

Since coming home after finishing my project in Ecuador I have been reviewing all my photos and scanning through my emails and daily notes I took while on the road and on the mountains. Now that I have begun writing … Continue reading

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